Broadcast – World’s First Touch Enabled T-shirt

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The Broadcast t-shirt is a programmable LED t-shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone. The Broadcast t-shirt is a revolutionary digital t-shirt allows you to customize your slogan and image as often as you like. It’s the first wearable that will help you break the boundaries of your digital creativity. It consists of tiny LEDs that connect with the accompanying app to give you complete control over what you wish to say. Designs can be changed as many times as you want. Let the world know what you are feeling, from blue to exuberant! You can also share the designs with the Broadcast community if you wish to. In case you’re wondering whether all that tech makes this T-shirt washable or not, it’s 100% waterproof and completely washable. A perfect everyday wearable with an added LED spark!

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