Brunt Powerstation Multi-Function Electric Device

$69 USD
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Introducing the Brunt Powerstation Multi-Function Electric Device. It brings together five products to give you a seamless charging experience. First, the Brunt Powerstation functions as an analog book stand. You can use it for holding anything from your tablet to your documents. Additionally, it features a wireless charging system to top up all of your devices. On the back are universal AC sockets, a smart plug equipped with Wi-Fi, and two fast-charging USB ports. In addition, the Powerstation holds your devices at a perfect 60 degrees so you can view notifications with ease. The device even has an app and works with Amazon Alexa for a seamless experience. Finally, compatible with a number of devices, the Powerstation also comes with a wireless charging receiver for those without that function. The Brunt Powerstation is the ultimate desktop charging hub.

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