Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System

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Although it has the word “lug” in it, luggage shouldn’t be weighing you down. With the Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System, you can free yourself from clunky baggage. Comprised of four parts, this luggage system enables you to carry your gear effortlessly whether it’s through the airport or across a city. Two interlocking cases easily attach to each other around the stroller-like chassis. Rather than pull, you’re able to push the Bugaboo Boxer in front of you to effectively avoid obstacles, people, and keep and eye on your goods. With a large main compartment travel case and an ultra sleek carry-on, the Bugaboo Boxer is perfectly designed for getting checked in, skipping through security, and making your flight with everything you need. Best of all, the easy to move chassis folds down to lay flat when it’s not in use.

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