Caliper View Wristwatch

$320 USD
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Automatics wristwatches aren’t a new concept but the View is one which comes with unique transparent graphic elements. Caliper Timepieces celebrate the era of precision instrumentation through their designs and if you have a look at View, you’ll feel the same. These watches don’t just mark time but express values as well. This precision-crafted mechanical timepiece comes with a self-winding movement that highlights the intricate inner details through the glass surfaces, present on both the front and back side of the watch. To add to this is the high quality case that has been milled from surgical-grade, 316L steel, and sapphire scratch-resistant glass on the front and back. The watch is completely mechanical and requires no battery. It will wind automatically as soon you wear it and that’s how this watch will enable you to watch time pass by in a sophisticated way every day.

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