Campagnolo GFT CPY – Big Bronze Corkscrew For Your Bicycle Wheels

$250 USD
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Tullio Campagnolo came up with the quick-release mechanism for bicycle wheels way back in the early ‘30s and with this Campagnolo GFT CPY, you’ll only get to use that system in a completely new way. It’s a pure Italian masterpiece which gives the corkscrew its own distinctive and unique personality. Quality materials have been used to accompany the sinuous shapes of the various parts used in the design. Every component used here signifies the excellence of the Campagnolo brand in a beautiful way. There is a telescopic, self-centering bell which positions the screw exactly in the middle of the cork and once it’s screwed down, the two levers will pull the cork out easily and in a delicate manner. Bicycle riders will definitely like this one.

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