Carpe Diem EDC Pieces

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Carry a daily reminder to make the most of each day with the Carpe Diem EDC Pieces. Featuring three distinct everyday carry objects, each comes with a unique design and message. The Tempus Fugit Curio translates to ‘time flies,’ reminding the holder that each moment is fleeting. Likewise, it features a skull to represent death and an escapement gear to represent the continual passing of time. Additionally, the Memento Mori Stone looks like a secure ironclad riveted box with a skull peering out through a broken area. This piece reminds the holder that death is always closer than you think. Furthermore, the Carpe Diem Coin prompts the holder to live each day to the fullest. Finally, the Carpe Diem Coin is also a challenge coin that you can easily carry and give away to friends and family.

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