The Cat’s Ask – The Easy, Green & Clean Cat Litter Revolution

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A game-changing solution to ALL your litter problems! No smell! No dust! No grit to vacuum! No clumps! No garbage! No heavy litter to lug! The Cat’s Ask is an incredibly easy and clean litterbox that’s all-natural and super eco-friendly. It uses 4 lbs of naturally dust-free safflower seeds for a whole month, and the pee filters through a grate and into a hidden collection container. Poop dries quickly in the seed litter and is scooped and flushed, and the pee is also flushed. Seeds are sanitized daily with a spray of vinegar and water, which eliminates odors. Seeds are composted after use and refills are $20 for a month’s worth, shipping included. Or buy them where birdseed is found. Good for you, your cat and the environment. Funding on Kickstarter for April delivery!

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