CB2 x Lenny Kravitz Ya Ya Coffee Table

$734 USD
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Spice up your space with some pop culture with the CB2 x Lenny Kravitz Ya Ya Coffee Table. This exclusive design is a collaboration between CB2 and famous musician Lenny Kravitz. The main portion of the Ya Ya Coffee Table features engineered wood complete with a white hi-gloss lacquer. Sitting on top is a walnut veneer tray finished with a solid ash rim. While stunning on its own, the Ya Ya Coffee Table has a hidden secret. The tray is actually removable so you can bring beverages and food to and from the table. What’s more, the interior of the Ya Ya Coffee Table is actually hollow. This is the perfect space to store your favorite tipples. This built-in bar is ideal for bottle service for your VIP guests. Or, you can use it to quickly stash away some clutter before guests arrive.

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