CH-1 Hybrid Sound + Bluetooth

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Enjoy your music on the go with the Nowall CH-1 Earphones. They are a set of dual-driver Bluetooth earphones which won’t let you compromise with your music requirements whatsoever. CH-1 accurately reproduces the full range of sound produced by the device you are listening to. In fact, CH-1 has only 2% signal loss over Bluetooth, while most price-comparable earphones can lose up to 5-15%. While your favorite song is still enjoyable regardless of the equipment it’s coming from, when you hear it with the accuracy that CH-1 delivers, it’s really like hearing it for the first time. You might even be shocked to find out that there were entire tones, or even instruments, that you did not know had been there all along, like the team was when listening to CH-1 in Bluetooth mode for the first time. That neat, lightweight pendant is what allows you to move the battery out of the earpieces so that you have room in there for what makes CH-1 by Nowall so unlike anything else on the market. It’s not just an earphone; it’s an experience.

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