Cherry Wood Salad Bowls

$84 USD
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These Cherry Wood Salad Bowls are handmade individually for Williams Sonoma by skilled woodworkers in Wisconsin. You end up with laminated serving bowls made of cherry wood that will gain a rich reddish brown hue over time. It’s a great way to serve your meals – eco-friendly, food-safe and stylish to boot. It’s also unbreakable, which means you can have all the tantrums you want and throw the bowls around with no risk of cracking anything apart from maybe a head or two. You get a full set of bowls, and you can get them in different sizes. There’s a 13 3/4″ bowl with a 5-qt. capacity, and a 12” one with a 3-qt. capacity. The set also includes two wooden servers that are 13” long.


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