Chimney Humidifier by Leibal

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Breath easy all day long with the Chimney Humidifier by Leibal. Providing instant benefits to the air around you, this compact yet resourceful device can fill a 12×12’ room with ease. Stylishly designed, the Chimney Humidifier remains inconspicuous as it pumps out a gentle, calming mist. Thanks to the chimney-like shape, the mist is distributed at head-level so you can feel the air immediately. Using an ultrasonic system, the Chimney Humidifier remains totally silent while working through the half-gallon capacity tank. Coming in your choice of white, light pink, or light green, the Chimney Humidifier has a beautifully clean aesthetic to fit in with décor in your home or office to resemble art more than an electronic device.

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