DJI Zenmuse X7 Cinematic Vision Camera

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Bring your videography to the professional level with the DJI Zenmusse X7 Cinematic Vision Camera. Compatible with Inspire 2 and 5.2K Apple ProRes, this powerful camera features 14 stop of dynamic range. In addition, it’s complete with a Super 35 sensor to pick up breath-taking detail in every seamless frame. The Zenmuse X7 records in stunning 6K CinemaDNG. However, it also produces equally crisp 24MP stills. Extremely compact, there’s a built-in gimbal to help stabilize your footage. Likewise, because it’s part of the DJI family, it integrates perfectly with their range of drones. This means that you can capture more than just what you can see. It’s a total upgrade on the previous X5S from the dynamic range to the highlights to the perfectly balanced color.

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