Clair B Portable Air Purifier

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Opt for clean air wherever you go with the Clair B Portable Air Purifier. This small yet mighty device has been designed to fit perfectly in your vehicle’s cup holder so you can breathe with ease even on the road. Armed with a swivel vent, the Clair B Air Purifier can rotate a full 180 degrees to spread the freshest air throughout your room or vehicle. The Clair B Air Purifier runs at 5 volts so it can be used virtually anywhere. You can plug it into your computer, the 10v lighter in your car, a portable charger, or even your smartphone charger. Using magnetic air filtration, the Clair B Air Purifier is able to catch and filter even the tiniest micro dust particles as small as .1 micrometers as well as viruses, allergens, pollen, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and much more.

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