Unikia Stainless Steel Classy Ketchup Dispenser

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Say goodbye to awkwardly shaking ketchup out of a bottle with the Unikia Stainless Steel Classy Ketchup Dispenser. Featuring an elegant design, the Classy Ketchup Dispenser shoots the ideal amount of sauce onto your plate. Likewise, it makes it easy to add ketchup onto your fries, burgers, scrambled eggs and more. Additionally, the stainless steel ketchup dispenser keeps things clean with its straightforward point, press and shoot process. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with drips or spills from the ketchup bottle anymore. Plus, you can wash all components in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the Classy Ketchup provides a smooth exterior that looks sleek on any table or counter. Just refill the dispenser with your favorite brand of ketchup to store and serve.

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