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Soggy Doggy Wet-Dog Solutions

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Keep man’s best friend happy and dry with the complete line of Soggy Doggy Wet-Dog Solutions. Every item in this range is geared towards keeping your dog dry and clean even after the muckiest walk. This is all thanks to signature microfiber chenille shag material that absorbs five times more water than regular towels and doormats. The Soggy Doggy Doormat®, the flagship product, captures water, mud, and dirt as soon as your dog steps into the home. For the really wet or muddy dogs, you can use the Super Shammy® to rub down your entire pooch – including those hard to reach underbelly areas. It’s shaped like an oven mitt to protect your hands yet offer a superior clean. In addition, the Slopmat goes under your dog’s food and water station to absorb any airborne water launched by sloppy drinkers during mealtime.The Soggy Doggy Super Snoozer Bed® and Crate Mate® are both super soft and feature the same moisture-absorbing materials. This way, even the soggiest of dogs can rest soundly without destroying your couch. The Soggy Doggy Collection also features the Slobber Swabber® to quickly soak up slobber.

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