Sempli Incanter Clear Infusing Bottle

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Achieve flavors like never before with the Sempli Incanter Clear Infusing Bottle. Designed for your liquors, this bar gadget will blow away any of your guests. The Incanter features a clear decanter bottle as well as an infusing tube. Simply fill the tube with the ingredients of your choice, pour in the liquor, and let it set. The 13-ounce carafe helps to meld the liquid and the delicious flavors. You can choose to go for fruits to add a little something sweet or opt for herbs and spices to add a kick. Perfect for any dinner party, the Incanter gives you an extra bit of creativity to your menu. It’s also ideal for experimenting with new flavors. The all-glass design is best hand-washed. The set comes with a grey coaster so the protruding base sits at an angle for more infusion.

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