Cloudiss Smart Alarm by Cerevo.

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Say goodbye to oversleeping with the Cloudiss Smart Alarm by Cerevo. Packed with features that will awaken even the deepest sleeper, this alarm will ensure you’re never late again. Cloudiss pairs with an app where you set the time you’d like to wake up at. When the time strikes, Cloudiss emits an insanely loud alarm that measures three times louder than the speaker on the iPhone 6. Pairing with your Google Calendar, the alarm will automatically schedule itself for two hours before your scheduled events for the day to make sure you’re up along with reading the time aloud. Even better, Cloudiss makes sure that you wake up rather than just turn it off. To cut the alarm, you must wave the device vertically three times. This way, your body is physically awake, and you’re to start your day.

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