CLOZE Basket – Reconfigurable Laundry Basket

$55 USD
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CLOZE basket is a reconfigurable laundry basket that has been designed to change the way you tackle laundry forever. From collecting the clothes that need a wash to stacking them up neatly in separate piles and then handing them over to the respective family member, CLOZE ensures to ease up the whole process of laundry distribution at home. The baskets come with a folding base that allows the layers to act as separate compartments for organizing and sorting your laundry. You can easily remove the fabric panels for cleaning and washing whenever necessary. The coolest feature is that the base panels can be folded back to create a deep basket for laundry collection. There are large ergonomic clips that allow the layers to be easily clipped and un-clipped during use. A perfect accessory to make the strenuous task of organizing laundry super easy and hassle free. They entertain worldwide shipping at an additional rate of $15 USD.

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