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CMUK. – The Ultimate City Going / Travel sneaker. For men and women in sizes 6 (women) to 13 (men). CMUKs (pronounced ‘smook’) are unique in that they are lightweight, barefoot ready, washable/dry-fast, fold nearly flat, vegan and have a heavy insole. All of this makes our shoes extremely versatile and the perfect cycling, city walking, beach going & travel companions. CMUK. Shoes launched a year ago on Kickstarter. As soon as we launched, the host of Globetrekker TV (travel series on Travel Channel and PBS) informed us that he would like to wear CMUKs on TV. We then began partnering with travel, philanthropic travel organizations and retailers across the U.S. We are also going to be featured in aConde Nast Traveler magazine advertorial this May. As Zay (host of Globetrekker) says, “These are my absolute favorite brand of shoes. They are stylish and light and breathable and durable, but most importantly they are practical and comfortable, which really makes a difference when you’re traveling as much as I am. I’ve taken my CMUKs (“Smooks”) with me all around the world — in deserts, mountains and snow, and they’ve never once let me down.”

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