The Concert Acoustic Docking Station In Cherry For iPhone 6

$61 USD
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With its excellent acoustic properties and its striking design the CONCERT dock is perfect for the music lover. It fits the iPhone 6 and is backward compatible with the iPhone 5. So even if you don’t have an iPhone 6 (yet), you can use this dock for your iPhone 5 as well. You can use it with or without the original Apple USB to Lightning cable installed. You may have a case on your phone to protect it. With this dock you can LEAVE YOUR CASE ON YOUR PHONE when placing it in the dock! The innovative adjustable slider can be set to match the thickness of your case to ensure very stable docking. It will support cases up to 0.57 inches thick which means that even most MULTI-SHELL CASES will fit. However any iPhone 6 case with a flap to cover the Lightning plug hole on the iPhone does NOT work with this dock when the original Apple USB to Lightning cable is installed.

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