WRIXO Connected Medical ID Wristband

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Introducing the WRIXO Connected Medical ID Wristband. This intelligent wearable could save your life. Inside this wristband is an embedded NFC wireless chip as well as a unique QR ID. With this, someone can help figure out your identity and medical needs in the case of an emergency. The WRIXO Wristband makes it easy for you to get the best care. With a simple scan, an emergency responder can view any information you provide. As the wearer, you can choose the information. This could be current medications, past complications, allergies, and much more. It’s also great for kids or the elderly who may be lost. In an effort to protect your privacy, the WRIXO Wristband has a temporary PIN system where those wanting to access must enter their mobile phone number for verification. The WRIXO Wristband is made for your everyday. It’s comfortable, requires no batteries, and is waterproof.

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