The Contact Patch

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Everyone knows it is impossible to game on an iPad, and other touch-screen device without looking down to check your thumbs positions. Because of this, every day, thousands of warriors die on the battle field. Why? Because, touch-screen devices have a smooth flat surface offering no tactile feedback to users. The Contact Patch™ fixes that by bringing the missing, third dimension to the game. Simply select the Contact Patch you want to use, place it over the related on-screen button and now you know by feel the small circle is the trigger, the square switches weapons, and the triangle is reload, etc. All this simply by feel. You no longer need to take your eyes off the action. Now you can focus on the game. We have not forgotten joystick gamers. Our largest circle matches the size of most games controllers and we have a small nib in the middle so the gamer can always find center position.

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