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Drinkpod 1000 Series Cooling Water Filter

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Enjoy a glass of the best water you’ve ever tasted with the Drinkpod 1000 Series Cooling Water Filter. This appliance delivers the freshest water right to your glass in just seconds. In fact, its built-in filtration system provides 100x more powerful purification than your refrigerator. This is all thanks to the ULTRA+3 filtration as well as the ULTRAVi sterilization. It totally eliminates bacteria so you only receive the healthiest drinking water. It’s like having a bottled water dispenser right in your kitchen. But, unlike bottled water, the 1000 Series lets you choose between three different water temperatures for total customization. And, unlike bottled water, you’ll save hundreds per year. The 1000 Series is expertly designed for your place. It’s about the size of a capsule coffee machine which means it can fit under most cabinets.

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