KRAMSTEIN Craft Beer Stein

$35 USD
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Enjoy your beer to the fullest with the KRAMSTEIN Craft Beer Stein. Purpose built, this stein ensures you get the maximum amount of flavor in every sip. This collection features the AEON and the EPOCH. The former is a mug featuring 5mm borosilicate glass and an anodized frame with stainless steel hardware. The EPOCH, on the other hand, sports the same design except it’s complete with a machine T6 alloy lid. The glass for both designs is suspended in place with ionomer bushings. With this construction, your beer stays ice cold without transferring the temperature to your hands. Likewise, your hands will never warm up your beer. The result is better flavor for longer. In addition to the functionality, both the AEON and the EPOCH have a striking, long-lasting design. Finally, you have a stein worthy of all of your great beer.

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