Cuberox – Waterproof 6-Display Linux Cube Gadget With Apps

$199 USD
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Cuberox is a computer, that has six 16×16 pixel displays. When turned off it looks like just a simple cube, but it actually hides a full-fledged computer inside. Cuberox is powered by Linux operating system that allows users to run different applications on each side of the cube, and developers to write their own applications, thanks to API written on JavaScript. Integrated microphone would allow users to interact with cube through voice commands! You can control cube by changing its position – for example, you might be looking at the weather in Los Angeles on one of the screens, but should you rotate the cube in a certain direction you will see the weather in New York. This cube is not afraid of water, because its body has not a single hole and it even is wirelessly charged. Cuberox also boasts a wireless station that has embedded speakers and a multi-color smart back light, which also is used by applications to notify users of upcoming events.

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