PET De Lux Custom Commodore Computer

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Show your love for retro gaming with the PET De Lux Custom Commodore Computer. Made by Love Hultèn, the custom Commodore PET features stunning craftsmanship that the Swedish designer is famous for. A re-creation of the all-inclusive computer PET 2001, the PET De Lux pays homage to the original release in 1977. This unique model comes with original accents such as its small keyboard. In fact, it also includes the datasette, Commodore’s storage device that has the appearance of a mini cassette player. The American walnut wood exterior houses a modern computer with emulation for gaming systems including Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The computer also includes two wireless controllers that draw inspiration from the TAC-2 joystick. Now we just have to wait and see if this one-off custom-made computer will be available for purchase.

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