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HybriFlow Custom Hydration Device

$29 USD
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Stay hydrated on any outdoor adventure with HybriFlow, the Custom Hydration Device. Working with a variety of hydration packs, HybriFlow makes it easy to switch from water to your choice of water enhancer. The unique design keeps the HybriFlow flavor cartridge separate from the main water reservoir and prevents contamination. In fact, your pack won’t become stained or moldy thanks to the two separate flow paths. In addition, you can carry multiple flavor cartridges if you want different options or vitamin additives. This eliminates having to carry extra weight of additional drinks along with your hydration pack. Furthermore, HybriFlow comes with a reusable cartridge to store your favorite flavoring. To use HybriFlow, detach the flavor cartridge from the main unit. Then open the lid and fill up the cartridge with your favorite enhancer. Connect the cartridge, lock it in place and connect HybriFlow to your hydration pack.

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