Dash-i MicroSD Reader

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Meet Dash, the most technologically advanced card reader for your smartphones, tablets, and computers. Dash is available in three unique versions – the Dash Micro G3 Type-C, Dash-i & Dash-i Plus MicroSD Reader for iPhone/iPad and the Dash Micro G3 MicroUSB card readers. The Dash Micro G3 Type-C card reader is a refined design with elegant lines. It will allow you to read and write from your MicroSD card on your smartphone, tablet, and computer with USB type-C port. The aircraft-grade aluminum casing gives it a durable and good-looking protection. Available in three colors, this MicroSD card reader can be used to play video/music stored on your MicroSD cards as well as view photos/documents, copy and backup any or all of your files. The Dash-i & Dash-i Plus MicroSD Reader for iPhone/iPad is an amazing solution that offers unlimited external storage for your iPhone/iPad. The small, sleek and super stylish design makes it worth being your next everyday mobile accessory. Finally, they have the Dash Micro G3 MicroUSB card reader that comes with a spring loaded card slot and a unique reversible MicroUSB plug. You can insert it either way into the conventional MicroUSB port found on most smartphones made before 2016 and some 2016 phone models such as Samsung Galaxy S7. All in all, a compact and portable MicroSD card reading solution you can use to make data transfer easy and hassle-free!

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