Daydream View 2.0 VR Headset by Google

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Introducing Daydream View 2.0 – the latest VR headset by Google. As an upgrade on the original headset, the 2.0 version uses Daydream Euphrates and WorldSense to make the entire virtual experience easy and intuitive. In addition, the Daydream View 2.0 also incorporates Chrome VR. With this module, users can open, browse, and navigate the entire internet just like at a computer. This bridges the gap for many users and saves you from switching between devices. Additionally, Daydream View 2.0 will also give you cast options. This way, your friends and family can see what you see on the big screen all in real time. Along with YouTube, you can instantly share your experience to an entire audience. Finally, in a big push for developers, Daydream View 2.0 offers Instant Preview. Creators can use this feature to make changes and view them instantly without having to wait for rendering.

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