Jellyfish Aquarium For Your Home

$164 USD
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The easiest, most affordable jellyfish tank ever created and live jellyfish shipped to your doorstep. Everyone can benefit from a moment of peace. Uncover your moment with a Jellyfish Cylinder Nano aquarium, the easiest and most affordable aquarium that makes keeping jellyfish simple for anyone. The kit comes with special laminar water flow pattern which is not possible in regular fish tanks that mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish. There is an integrated mechanical, chemical and biological filtration in an accessible, hidden compartment which makes it simple to operate and in keeping clean. The tank is also driven by a whisper quiet air pump that oxygenates the water and introduces no heat, keeping the jellyfish comfortable at room temperature. The LED changes the colors of the jellyfish with the click of a remote control button and is made from durable, crystal clear acrylic hand-molded by the same factory the team has been working with for five years.

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