Dialed Notebook Wallet

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The vision for the Notebook wallet was to offer a pocket-sized storage solution that houses the essentials + a slim notebook for the serial note taker and doodler. In addition to their commitment to a slim profile, they are also committed to selecting quality materials while striving to maintain affordable pricing to make the brand very accessible to all demographics.  The Small Notebook Wallet fits comfortably in your back pocket, a shirt pocket or toss it in your bag. The Large Notebook Wallet fits in a front pants pocket or strap it to your phone and carry it comfortably in your hand. The large Wallet is also designed to carry your passport securely either in place of the notebook or on the opposite side. Choose your own adventure. Are you the kind of person that loves tactile paper note taking or planning, but you’re equally committed to your phone? You don’t have to take sides – carry both conveniently by strapping your phone to the large wallet. It’s a perfect bundle.  As another way to solidify the relationship between your tech and your notebook, they are also offering this simple stylus pen that is small enough to fit comfortably inside the small and large Notebook Wallets. Use the stylus to doodle on your touch screen and switch to the pen to sketch or plan in your notebook.

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