DJI Drone Goggles

$399 USD
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The Goggles look very much like a VR headset and are designed to deliver a video feed from the drone in real time, letting you control the quadcopter with a first-person view. The visor uses DJI’s OcuSync tech, displaying an 85-degree view from the Mavic in full 1080p – right from the drone. You can pair two headsets to one drone and share your flying skills with a friend. This, when paired with the drone, will give an ultimate drone-flying experience altogether. It would be great to use these with your friends and go for those drone flying races during weekends. The VR headset will enhance the video quality and give you better control of your drone that way. Flying your quadcopter was never this easy before. Pricing and availability are still unknown. But since the Mavic Pro Drone is up for launch in the middle of October 2016, we can guess the availability of the goggles to be somewhere close to that time.

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