RUBOLD Dog Dematting Tool

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Keep your dog looking and feeling his best with the RUBOLD Dog Dematting Tool. Gentle yet effective, this handheld tool has an innovative design to brush through a variety of fur types. The Detmatting Tool is designed to remove the undercoat of fur. This helps to promote airflow yet retains the coat to protect your dog’s skin. Unlike traditional brushing, the Dematting Tool uses an innovative design to power through even the unruliest fur. In fact, you begin by using the nine sharp teeth to tackle the stubborn matted fur. Then, switch over to the side with 17 teeth for quick and easy thinning and deshedding. The Dematting Tool has teeth that are complete with rounded edges. This allows the tool to work smoothly and prevent any scratching. The Dematting Tool works with a variety of fur including coarse, long, curly, and wiry.

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