doppel – Performance-Enhancing Wearable Technology

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doppel is a new breed of performance-enhancing wearable technology that can naturally make you feel more alert or relaxed. By rhythmically pulsing on the inside of your wrist, doppel harnesses our innate response to rhythm. We react to doppel’s pulse in a similar way to upbeat or downbeat music but with no noise or distraction. doppel’s award-winning technology has been tested with hundreds of people. It’s been used to help them stay focused in professional settings, keep up the pace while running and training, and to wind down for sleep. It’s also been independently shown to increase focus and alertness. doppel is a completely natural way to control the pace of life. It is empathic technology that works with you to help you be the person you want to be. By supporting our campaign, you not only get to use doppel but you also shape the future of wearable technology!

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