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Dr.MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager

$129 USD
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Relax your muscles after a long day with the DR. MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager. Tackling sore muscles, aches, and pains, this system is entirely portable so you can take it on the go for instant relief anywhere. In addition to helping your muscles, the DR. MUSIC 3 TENS Massager can sync to your device so you can play your favorite music while you relax. Because it pairs with your music, it will also massage in tune with the beat for a more thorough experience. The DR. MUSIC 3 TENS Massager works with a companion app so you can control the pulse strength with precision. Electrical stimulation works through your skin and to the point of pain in your muscle and nerves. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply experience everyday aches and pains, the DR. MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager will change your life.

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