DraftPak Keg Beer Cooler

$345 USD
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Getting cold beer from a keg every single time will now be possible with the DraftPak Keg Beer Cooler. Be it for a tailgate or a pop-up bar or simply for a party in the backyard, the DraftPak will ensure you get chilled beer from the keg every single time. The working principle concentrates on an integrated coupler and base. You just have to place your DraftPak on top of the keg and twist to lock it in place, then add ice inside the cooler and you’re all set! The DraftPak includes a 50 foot stainless steel coil that when surrounded by ice, cools the beer down as it travels. The cooler also holds a CO2 tank and regulator inside which eliminates the need for pumping beer from the keg, thereby keeping it fresh for a longer span of time. The portable design does not require any electricity which is what makes it perfect for any outdoor event.

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