Drumi Sustainable Laundry Machine

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Save the world one load of washing at a time with the Drumi Sustainable Laundry Machine. Revolutionary, eco-friendly, and a cinch to use, this machine will change your life. Drumi is compact yet has a large capacity to handle your every day. Simply add in your clothes, put in the detergent, and add water. With a simple and recurring tap of your foot, Drumi rotates, spins, and swishes your clothes about. This motion washes your clothes vigorousy and efficiently all while not using any electricity. The foot pedal of Drumi is large and wide to give you the best grip. Using aluminum, it’s durable for wash after wash. At the base is a handy spout to effortlessly drain Drumi of the excess water. By using Drumi, you can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money.

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