Dual Baking + Cooling Rack by Ultra Cuisine

$25 USD
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Baked bacon, anyone? Ultra Cuisine’s premium baking and cooling rack is constructed of food-safe 18/8 high grade stainless steel that can withstand high oven temperatures and resist rust too. Bake chicken, roast meats, or cook up some bacon and let the excess fat drip away from your food! The large 11.5” x 16.5” wire rack was specially designed to fit perfectly inside half sheet pans. It’s also great for cooling baked goods, breads, cakes and cookies thanks to its tight grid pattern, 3 cross bars and raised feet that provide the proper air circulation, so you can say good-bye to soggy bread or burnt cookie bottoms! The Ultra Cuisine cooling rack was designed to commercial quality standards and is an indispensable kitchen staple for bakers and chefs alike.

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