PadKix Dual-Layer Period Panties

$30 USD
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Make your monthly meetings with Mother Nature more comfortable than ever with the PadKix Dual-Layer Period Panties. Offering superior comfort and absorbency, these panties are actually three times more absorbent. The PadKix are designed to replace your use of pads or tampons. Instead, simply slide on a pair of these comfy undies and you’re good to go. The PadKix can stand up to anything your day throws your way and even prevent leaks while you sleep. Featuring premium cotton and bamboo microfiber, the panties are complete with a built-in super absorber for total peace of mind. In addition, they come in three fun patterns. After use, you can easily wash the PadKix and hang them to dry. They’re available individually as well in bundles of multiple sets to handle your monthly cycle with ease.

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