Duo Home AI Computer

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Smarten up your living quarters with the Duo Home AI Computer. At first glance, Duo looks like a sleek 27-inch mirror. But, with a single touch, the supercomputer comes to life. This incredible system responds to your touch as well as your voice to control your home and your media. In addition to your reflection, Duo sports a stunning 1080p HD display. With five tough points and voice activation, you can play music, stream media, turn on your light, win games, and much more. You can even receive the latest news and check the weather. In addition, living inside Duo is Albert, your Ai personal assistant. Of course, you can change the name but also choose the accent, gender, and make jokes with the AI module. Duo is an all-purpose entertainment hub, your home control center, and the smartest mirror you have ever seen.

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