DURA CASE – 3X Battery Time In A Waterproof Outdoor Case!

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Your iPhone runs 3x as long and is 3m waterproof protected in DURA CASE! DURA CASE is a fully waterproof and dust-proof iPhone-protection case with a built-in rechargeable battery that boosts your phone’s battery life to 3x. So, when you use the GPS and a map app for navigation and tracking of your activities, or simply work in remote locations and need the phone all the time, now you’ve got enough power to keep the display on for over 8 hours or talk 3 times as long! Replace your handheld GPS, your bike computer and a camera with just your iPhone and a DURA CASE! Here we’re showing the iPhone 5/5s/5c version of DURA CASE. Because of an ongoing design patent application we can’t show the iPhone 6 design yet! However, there are no big surprises to expect, except, it will be thinner!

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