Reiken Ultra Durable Tire Covers

$250 USD
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Upgrade your vehicle for your adventures with the Reiken Ultra Durable Tire Covers. Unlike the one that comes with your vehicle, these tire covers are as stylish as they are functional. The cover features high-quality twill waxed canvas as well as fine leather. These premium materials are thick and durable to withstand anything your adventure has in store. That is to say, they can handle the wind, rain, mud, dirt, and all the fun that comes along with it and look great doing it. They’re made for and thrive in this adventurous lifestyle. However, these materials do more than just protect. They also combine the rugged beauty that your vehicle deserves. The canvas comes in your six different colors. All colors complement the rich brown leather perfectly. Or, you can opt for the all-canvas version. All of the Reiken Tire Covers are complete with an adjustable locking cable to stay in place but also help prevent theft of the tire and the cover.

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