Dusty-Brush – The New Way To Clean

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Dusty-Brush is a universal vacuum cleaner attachment for the smallest areas, delicate objects, and hard-to-reach areas. The purpose of building such a product came from the demand of having a vacuum cleaner attachment that has the advantage of combining several methods of cleaning. The Dusty Brush is capable of cleaning faster and more efficiently than standard cleaning products. It can get into hard-to-reach places and will save time and money at the same time. The sturdy design can clean delicate objects effortlessly and lessens dust pollution at home as well. Dusty-Brush is based on the principle of a brush. With a brush, you can clean almost any area. It fits onto all uneven surfaces and can be used anywhere. Combined with a vacuum made especially for the removal of fine dust, the fine dust pollution is significantly reduced. As a result, this brush is a perfect choice for the allergic and asthma sufferers too. And with the integrated adapter, you’ll be able to attach Dusty Brush to any existing vacuum cleaner tube.

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