DYLN – The Bottle That Creates Alkaline Water On the Go

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The DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle is portable, stylish, reusable, lightweight & increases the pH of water to create alkaline water. The DYLN Living Water Bottle combines good looks and functionality to not only replace all other water bottles, but to be THE source for your water.DESIGN Patented ergonomic design for a perfect fit in your hand, a wide mouth opening, and fits in all standard-sized cup holders. STAINLESS STEEL Food-grade 316 stainless steel that is toxic-free, PBA-Free, does not leach, and completely free of plastic from top to bottom. ALKALINE DYLN’s VitaBeads within the replaceable Diffuser instantly starts increasing the pH of your water to create alkaline water. GRIP Removable food-grade silicone sleeve for added grip, colored aesthetics, and always remains dry. HANDLE Stainless steel bamboo cap with convenient carrying handle. VOLUME Holds 750mL (25.4 oz) of alkaline water. SUSTAINABILITY Designed & developed to be the sturdiest, long-lasting and sustainable water bottle available.

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