Dyson Airblade Tap with Built-In Hand Dryer

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Wash, rinse, and dry all in a single place with the Dyson Airblade Tap with a Built-In Hand Dryer. Harnessing the power of Dyson, this elegant looking faucet produces a steady and gentle stream of water for you to scrub your hands clean. Once you’re finished, the built-in Airblade Hand Dryer can get your hands totally dry in just 12 seconds. This ingenious combination of a tap and hand dryer in one pushes out an incredible 35 liters of air per second through openings just .8mm wide. The 430-mph sheets of air whisk away any droplets of water leaving your hands as dry as they are clean. Because it’s all done in one place, you don’t need to take up valuable bathroom space with a towel rack nor will you drip any water on the floor as you move to a towel.

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