Xenoma E-Skin Smart Pajamas

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Integrate technology into clothing for medical purposes with the Xenoma E-Skin Smart Pajamas. Xenoma, a smart fabric company from Japan, introduced a set of smart pajamas at CES 2018. These pajamas are designed to be worn by hospital patients, especially patients with dementia. Instead of having to confine people to rooms or keep them under observation, Xenoma smart pajamas can take care of it automatically. Clothing sensors are embedded into the shirt and pants set, which pick up on specific inputs customized to each piece of clothing. The circuits run along the legs and hips to detect motion. This allows professionals to know when the person wearing it is moving. Additionally, the shirt’s technology monitors vital signs like breathing. Furthermore, you can wash the clothing over 100 times before it starts to show signs of wear. The Xenoma E-Skin Smart Pajamas aim to be available for medical use by 2020.

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