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Echo Look Amazon Alexa Camera

$199.99 USD
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Master your style every day with the Echo Look Amazon Alexa Camera. This nifty device uses the power of Alexa to become your personal fashion assistant. With just your voice, you can activate this camera system to take a full-length photo of your outfit. In addition, the Echo Look uses built-in LED lights as well as a depth sensing camera to capture your look. The software inside also helps to blur the background to make you stand out. From there, you can use the app to view your outfit in a full 360 degrees. The app also offers a service called Style Check. With machine learning and algorithms, you can see how your outfit matches up to current trends. This feature also offers advice from fashion specialists. Compact and inconspicuous, the Echo Look also gives you full access to Amazon Alexa and all of the AI’s smart features.

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