Ecomo – The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water

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Ecomo is a smart bottle that helps you get rid of contaminants. Fill the Ecomo Smart Bottle with any water source, either from your home faucet, a nearby water fountain or even from a stream. Test out the contaminants in your water simply with a shake. Make sure to secure the top before shaking the bottle. You can view the water quality from the LED display on the bottle or the Ecomo mobile app. Once you know your water quality, you can filter the water with a simple twist. The bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system contains an activated carbon fiber, ion exchange fiber, and a nanofiber membrane. With this technology, Ecomo Bottle can remove most major contaminants, such as pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria, and most heavy metals. It has never been possible to understand water quality immediately. With Ecomo Bottle, you can monitor total organic carbon, dissolved solids, turbidity and the water temperature. Ecomo Bottle’s built-in 3-in-1 filtration system can remove most major contaminants, including pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria, and common heavy metals. It also reminds you to replace the filter cartridge.

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