Hutan EDC Pressure Tool

$89 USD
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Carry a functional tool during your outdoor adventures with the Hutan EDC Pressure Tool. This compact pressure tool uses Grade-5 titanium, resulting in a lightweight yet durable gadget. Additionally, the Hutan EDC Pressure Tool includes patented features that fulfill both general and specific needs of any adventure. For example, the tire-pressure release clasp easily reduces tire pressure to provide more traction during off-road scenarios. Other features include a multi-size wrench, common/box nail remover, shoulder screw fastener, G-hook, bottle opener and PSI-kPa conversion table. Furthermore, the Hutan Pressure Tool comes with a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) that enhances its durability and meets industry standard. Likewise, the tool features a tensile strength of 880MPa. The device also weighs 28.2 grams, making it an ideal every day carry tool.

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