Edo – The Giant Cardboard Bricks For Building Anything

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Edo is easy to assemble cardboard blocks with which kids can build just about anything. Just let your imagination take over. A fort, a supercar you can sit in, a monstrous Tyrannosaurus, anything can come to life with Edo. The bricks are pretty sturdy and solid, and they come in the classic cardboard color (Havana), or Icy White. If they reach their stretch goals, you will even be able to select a mix of bright, modern colors. They’ve also added an idea: each package will now contain several junctions. A junction is used to put together for example two x2 blocks and turn them into an x4. The x4 blocks are necessary for complex builds that need structure, and you can use the junctions to create as many as you like and then disassemble them. You can even create x3 or x6 blocks.

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